The Vaccine License – A Software License That Saves Lives

Open Source developers should work for good, not evil. The misguided rejection of vaccination is one of the greatest evils that has ever existed. When parents deny children a medically-necessary vaccination, they commit a potentially-lethal form of child abuse. When adults avoid vaccination for themselves, they also endanger others: infants who are still developing immunity and are too young to vaccinate, and people who are receiving cancer chemotherapy, transplants, or are infected with HIV.

The Vaccine License is a software license that requires that users vaccinate their children, and themselves, and that user businesses make a similar requirement of their employees, to the greatest extent legally possible. The required vaccinations are those recommended by the user’s national administration, for example the United States Center for Disease Control. There is an exception for those who, for medical reasons, should not receive a vaccine.

We believe that the Vaccine License fully complies with the Open Source Definition. We will submit it to the License Approval Process of the Open Source Initiative. Until that approval is given, please do not refer to the Vaccine License as an Open Source license.

The need for vaccination is scientifically proven, with centuries of documentation of avoided disease at an extremely low risk to the patient. For want of a simple and harmless vaccination, many lives are prematurely ended, many people live with suffering and disability that could easily have been avoided. Open Source developers, stand up for something that will save lives! Apply the Vaccine License to your work.


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